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Process of Tea, From Estates to your Cup.

Process of Tea, From Estates to your Cup.

Most of us start our days with a cup of hot tea. This beverage is an important part of our lives, especially if you belong from India; India is one of the highest-consuming tea countries. But how much do we truly know about tea processing and how these leaves make their way from a tea estate into our cups?

Let us explore the tea-processing steps of a cup of tea together.

Sourcing: - Sourcing is the most crucial part of the tea process. The majorly used camellia Sinensis plants are grown and harvested as the first step in processing tea. Growing conditions bring a huge impact on the flavor of the finished tea. Although this is probably the most common but trickiest part, it can also produce the most variation. Jivraj9 takes care of the growing environment of the tea because India has climate changes, soil, or even surroundings that can change the leaf and result in the flavor in the cup.

Harvesting: - Harvesting the leaves is another way of creating variation at this stage. Jivraj9 places the premium tea leaves by hand to preserve natural sweetness, and machines harvest the mass leaves. The leaves are sheared from the top of the plants and chopped. Making sure that the stems do not get sherd along because it can change the flavor of the tea. The whole leaves often release their fullest flavors once they have been brewed more than once.

100% organic: - Jivraj9 offers 100% natural grown leaf tea. Jivraj understands how important it is for you to have a freshly brewed morning cup of tea. Therefore, we offer the finest organic teas to keep you happy throughout the day. Our tea farmers put great efforts into using organic and traditional methods to make these special teas of superior quality and the most flavourful. Our teas, green teas, and cava are blended using natural ingredients so that you can enjoy a cup of tea in all its goodness.

Plastic and climate neutrality:- Jivraj9 is a big manufacturing company that recovers, collects, segregates, and recycles plastic waste and not using any harmful gasses. We recover every gram of plastic that is consumed or purchased from municipal waste before it enters the landfills; this plastic is then recycled.

Jivraj tea has a state-of-the-art manufacturing process facility with automated blending and packaging machines. It also has an in-house quality control laboratory to control the quality of the manufacturing and packaging, where the entire production facility is certified under FSSAI and the US FDA standard; because of this, they maintain an extreme level of hygiene, cleanliness, and purity daily.

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