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5 Incredible Benefits of CAVA Green Tea

5 Incredible Benefits of CAVA Green Tea

Chai is an inseparable part of our Indian culture. Having ‘Chai’ in the morning is often associated with starting the day right. It brings happiness and re-energises our spirits. Owing to the diversity of our beautiful country, every state has its own version of tea that has been a part of its culture for ages. So does Kashmir. You must be familiar with ‘Kahwa’- the celebrated Kashmiri tea.

It has been the primary beverage of Kashmiris for a long time. A cup of molten gold tea laced with natural Indian spices is just the right option to start/end your day. It’s not a regular tea, it is an experience. Despite its impeccable taste and plenty of medicinal properties, Kahwa is not consumed regularly in most parts of India because of its complex making procedure. 

This special drink consists of whole spices, nuts and authentic Kashmiri green tea which can be difficult to make regularly, considering our daily engagements. To solve this problem, Jivraj9 has come up with “CAVA” Green Tea- kahwa made from the finest quality ingredients, now available in tea bags. Here are 5 incredible benefits of the Jivraj9 CAVA Green tea that you must have a look at:

    1. Helps reduce stress and anxiety levels: India is the land of spices as well as the land of healing. The antioxidants and medicinal properties in the CAVA green tea can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels and counteract the negative effects of stress-induced toxins in the body. All you need is a cup of CAVA green tea to help you deal with your professional and personal fronts.
    2. Improves skin healthThe antioxidants present in the CAVA green tea help fight acne and improve skin health. Now your investment in skincare can be as little as investing in a pack of CAVA tea and still be effective.
    3. Improves sleepGood tea and good sleep shouldn’t be compromised. The properties of natural spices and other ingredients used in this tea can help stimulate serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels, which induce sleep. Say bye to insomnia with a cup of CAVA green tea.
    4. Beneficial for Health: Green tea is healthy, but CAVA green tea is healthier. It is ideal for diabetes, helps with headaches and migraine, builds immunity, improves eyesight and digestion and burns fat. Also, it is a wonderful remedy for cold.
    5. A whole new experience: Change is good. So is our CAVA green tea. Replace your ordinary green tea with the Jivraj9 CAVA Green tea to make your normal tea breaks extraordinary. 

    These were only 5 of the numerous benefits you experience when you switch to the Jivraj9 CAVA Green Tea. The finest quality ingredients are blended and made simple to use while retaining the originality and the essence of Kashmir. We at Jivraj9 strive for maintaining perfection and quality in all our products ensuring affordability. Check out our website or visit your nearest store to get the best quality tea.

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