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How can you choose the perfect type of tea for yourself?

How can you choose the perfect type of tea for yourself?

In Indian households, tea is an essential staple, a must-have, and everyone's favourite. Whether it's an evening get-together with friends or a family celebration, there is something about tea that makes everyone feel satisfied regardless of the number of opinions present in one room. But have you ever wondered how one type of tea is preferred by everyone?

Let us help you explore the fact that there are indeed many
 types of tea yet undiscovered.

Indian tea types to International blends, there are different types of tea flavours.

India is amongst the top countries consuming and also manufacturing the best types of tea. We know about all the different flavours of Indian tea whether it is Masala, Ginger, Lemongrass or Cardamom tea. Now let's explore all the tea grades available in the market with more detail

JIVRAJ9 - CTC - Leaf Tea

What is a CTC Leaf Tea?

CTC also known as Crush, Tear and Curl is extremely popular in India. Sourced from Assam tea estates, this is pocket friendly, accessible and the perfect type of tea for everyday usage.

Jivraj9 CTC Leaf Tea - The name synonymous with quality and supreme taste for the tea connoisseurs! The meticulously chosen leaves from the finest gardens of upper Assam Tea Estates are blended to perfection to give freshness and energy to the tea lovers. Hygienic packaging protects the tea’s wholesomeness and conserves its effervescent fresh flavour. 

What is a CTC Dust Tea?

An ideal choice for bulk use, as they are fine particles of tea and when brewed in water, they release dark colour and strong aroma very quickly and easily. An unprecedented taste from the house of Jivra9, Jivraj9 CTC Dust Tea which has been luring tea lovers with its consistent taste, quality and aroma ever since its origin.

What is a CTC  Fanning Tea ?

Fanning tea are small particles of high-quality tea collected to be sold separately. Traditionally these are used for bulk production of tea, where the usage is more.

Jivraj9 Fanning Tea comprises medium-sized granules of tea and can be ranked between CTC tea and Dust tea. Fanning Tea is a perfect choice for those who prefer dark colour, less sweetness and strong flavour after brewing their tea. An unprecedented taste from the house of Jivraj9 which has been luring tea lovers with its consistent taste, quality and aroma ever since its origin

What is a premium- grade tea?

J9 Premium Tea is the finest Assam Premium Original Jivraj9 CTC Leaf Tea which gives you the best aroma and taste. Each Tea is carefully plucked from Assam Tea Gardens making it 100% Assam tea. Its rich deep golden yellow colour gives you the finest way to relax and unwind.

The story of tea that became a tradition. Jivraj9 is the house of pure Indian tea blends and exotic premium teas. With many varieties of tea like Jivraj 9 Premium Cava Green Tea, CTC Leaf Tea, J9 Premium, Instant premixes, Coffees, Ice teas and more. Jivraj9 Tea Group has become a household name due to its exceptional quality, consistency and variety.

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