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5 Reasons Instant Tea Premixes Are Your Perfect Companion

5 Reasons Instant Tea Premixes Are Your Perfect Companion

Chai is an inseparable part of all Indian households. Us Indians may be divided by our castes, cultures and languages, but what brings us together is our love for chai and cricket. Legends love Chai and ultra-legends love premium chai. In life, you already have a lot to compromise with and quality chai shouldn't be one of them. Jivraj instant tea premixes are here to save the day.

Here are 5 top reasons that Instant tea premixes by Jivraj9 are your perfect companion:

1. No Milk? Don’t worry, water will do just fine

This happens with almost every one of us. We crave a good cup of tea after a long and tiring day, only to find out that there’s no milk left. That’s where instant tea premixes by Jivraj9 come into the picture. All you need is hot water and you’re all set to enjoy your kadak chai! Choose your favourite flavour of tea premix, add it to a cup along with hot water and voila! Your chai and day are made. You no longer have to worry about rushing to the store to buy milk. 

2. They say you can’t please everyone, but now you can!

People are always going to say something (about the chai you made for them). Does it ever happen with you when everyone in the hall room wants a different type of chai and you’re stuck, trying to figure out teas when you should’ve been figuring out life? Not anymore.  The Jivraj instant tea premixes come in a variety of flavours you can choose from. There’s a tea for every mood and every person. All you have to do is pour hot water into a cup. Add your favourite tea mix and stir well while the aroma takes all your stress away. All is well in the world and you can get back to worrying about Monday. 

3. Chai on the go.

It often gets difficult to find the tea of our choice while we’re travelling/vacationing. Be it a long drive, extreme weather locations like mountains or travelling abroad, all we need is a good cup of tea to relax. But finding good tea in such locations is as difficult as finding Nemo. Even if we do, the quality concerns never leave. It doesn’t have to be like this anymore. All you need is your Jivraj instant tea premix and you can enjoy the tea of your choice anywhere, anytime. So the next time you pack your bags, don’t forget to add your favourite tea premixes as travelling essentials. Now you can sip your tea and relax knowing it’s hygienic and hassle-free. 

4. Work shouldn’t suffer, but so should your tea.

Nowadays, we’re so busy trying to keep up with the changing times that there’s hardly any room to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like sipping your tea in peace. We’re always running short of time, getting late for meetings or classes, and hustling our way through life so often that we forget to take care of our health, especially our diet. Skipping breakfast has become very common. To make sure you don’t miss out on things so common as breakfast tea or evening tea, we bring to you a wide range of instant tea premixes to choose from. Life is difficult. Making chai shouldn’t be. The Jivraj tea premix is the ultimate solution to all your problems. For all those who don’t have the time to make tea the traditional way or the ones who don’t know how to make tea at all, we’re here for you :).

5. Premium Quality

Sourced from the best places, we use ingredients that are organic and chemical-free. Only natural flavours are used and no artificial essence is added. The flavours have been chosen carefully keeping in mind their health benefits and have been curated using premium quality ingredients.  The recipe is a fine blend of ingredients used in perfect proportion to guarantee an unparallel taste. So not only is it easy to make Jivraj instant tea, but it is also safe to use in terms of quality. All you need to do is pick the flavour of your choice and mix it with hot water. Tastes so good, it becomes an experience.

Above mentioned were 5 of the many reasons why instant tea premixes are your perfect companion. The world is evolving and so should we. The tea mix powders are a modern touch to the traditional chai, maintaining its authenticity and essence. The aim is to bridge the gap between the modern and traditional perceptions of tea. We at Jivraj9 strive for maintaining perfection and quality in all our products ensuring affordability. Check out our website or visit your nearest store to get the best quality instant tea mixes.

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