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First and foremost, Tea has many healthful benefits that one can enjoy while drinking tea. Tea contains antioxidants and with regular intake of Tea one can get rid of free radicals in the body which damage good cells and cause cancer. Apart from this, Tea is helps in maintaining good cholesterol, blood sugar level etc.
Be it Green Tea or Black Tea or White Tea or Oolong Tea…all the teas carry their own different sack of benefits. Green tea is great as an antioxidant agent while black tea also goes through oxidization process until it develops its flavor and aroma. Similarly all the teas contain one or the other benefits like tea saves arteries, inhibit cancer growth, prevent Tooth Decay, lowers Blood Pressure etc.
Do ready to drink Tea in Cans and Bottles offer any health benefits ?
The ready to drink tea in Cans and bottles may contain a high level of sugar. Similarly sometimes these types of tea are made from Tea Powder which is minus of anti-oxidants. In order to preserve it for a longer period or to increase its shelf life, they might also contain preservatives. It is advisable to consume freshly prepared tea.
What is the caffeine content of Tea?
Types of Tea Caffeine Content
Black Tea 25 - 110 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving
Oolong Tea 12 - 55 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving
Green Tea 8 - 36 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving
White Tea 6 - 25 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving
How can I reduce Caffeine content in my Tea?
  • Use Full-leaf teas instead of teabags as they release caffeine slower than teabags.
  • Dip tea leaves in hot water for 30-45 seconds and than discard this water. Now use this leaves to prepare your tea. This is called ‘Hot Water Bath’.
  • Drink Green Tea.
How Tea should be stored?
Tea should be stored in airtight container and in cool dry place. Storing in refrigerator is a strict no-no as it leads to water condensation which ruins the tea.
Will I be addicted to tea?
Yes, if you drink tea much more than suggested dose you can become a tea addict. There are people who experience headache which could be relieved only by drinking tea. But compared to coffee, Tea contains less caffeine thus having suggested intake of tea don’t pose any health threat to you.
Should I add milk in my Tea?
In India, especially; one can not think about tea without milk. Though the best way to enjoy all the health benefits of tea are without milk but if you like your tea with milk than you can add low-fat milk or milk without cream. You can also enjoy tea with honey, lemon or combination of lemon and sugar or lemon and honey. But if you are having Green Tea or Oolong tea, you cannot add anything to it as they are to be savored only with hot water.
How can I get assistance if I need it?
Ideally, Tea should be brewed for 4-5 minutes, which applies for almost all the varieties.
How can I track my order?
We plan to keep you informed about your orders via email. You will receive emails from us from time to time to keep you updated about your order. If you require further information you can contact us on and we will be happy to assist you.
Will I receive confirmation after placing an order?
You will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received your order. Please note that this email will only be an acknowledgement of your order and will not represent acceptance of your order. A contract between us will not be formed until we send you confirmation of dispatch of the goods by email.
What happens if an item I have ordered is out of stock?
All items are subject to availability. If an item you have ordered is out of stock you will be notified immediately by email. You will then have the option of reconfirming your order when the item is in stock again or in other available SKU or cancelling your order all together. If you cancel and you have already paid for the goods you will receive a full refund.
Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?
We can cancel an order after it has been confirmed however unfortunately we cannot stop an order once it has been dispatched. Cancellation of your order will result in deduction of the postage and packaging fee.
How do I make payments?
You can pay for your orders securely online by using a credit or debit card.
What should I do if my credit/debit card has been declined when placing an order?
Please resubmit your order using a different card. For information on why your card has been declined please contact your card issuer.
Are my payments secured?
The Jivraj Tea Ltd. website uses PayPal to take payments which is a well known, secure, and reputable payment gateway.

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