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Tea for Every Mood: Crafting the Perfect Brew

Tea for Every Mood: Crafting the Perfect Brew

The steam of the kettle slowly fills the air with hints of Assam black tea and you are already smiling. Championing a golden-green glow, look how green tea makes you turn. Then there is the lemongrass tea, brewing up the most refreshing mood.

No wonder, there is a premium tea for every mood. Discover your cup of tea with the details given below.

Green Tea: The Awakening Alarm

Sing away the moody blues with the shades of green (tea)!

Green tea is your companion for an energised and active morning routine with natural caffeine and L-theanine. These compounds help you enhance brain function, awaken your senses, and increase alertness.

Grown in a 100% organic and climate-neutral environment, Jivraj 9 Green Tea give a warm boost of energy and a healthy metabolism you need to fight the drowsy days. Next time you find it difficult to focus, midday green tea is your #SanghrashKaSaathi!

Black Tea: Cupful of Calmness

A perfectly relaxing afternoon with Jivraj 9 Black Tea feels like a walk down to the Upper Assam Tea Estate, where each summer breeze carries the soothing aroma of Assam black tea.

The bioactive amino acids found in black tea activate the blood flow and help you unwind after a long day at work or home. The diverse aroma of black tea takes you on a calming sensory journey from fruity-floral notes to earthy essence.

Brew it for 2-3 minutes with cinnamon and just a pinch of nutmeg to go on a mini-vacation.

Lemongrass Tea: A Reviving Routine

Nap out of the mundane with the refreshing energy of lemongrass tea. Crafted for instant use, the Jivraj 9 Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix box is a zesty fest in itself.

Refresh your mood anywhere in just around 3 minutes. But where to find milk right before a meeting? You won’t need one. Add hot water, stir and sip up your mood instantly.

What more? Lemongrass tea aids in managing anxiety and emotional blues, hence lifting your mood almost instantly.

Masala Tea: A Cozy Day In

Nothing feels at home like a comforting cup of masala tea.

Ahh…the fine blend of clove, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, star anise and more brewing with 100% organic tea leaves to give a balanced colour.

Feeling down? Then take a break from the world and refocus on your mind, body and soul with a comforting and detoxifying mix of Jivraj 9 Instant Masala Tea. With anti-oxidizing properties, masala chai is your instant mood enhancer.

With emotions filling up to the brim, tea can be the perfect and healthy way to let our feelings out. Apart from the natural effect it has, the little conversions over tea become a way to reconnect with otters.

Each brew is special, helping you fight the blues and feel the relaxing muse. Find your mood lifter at where each flavour will make you say Tea Amo!

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