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Aromatic Love: Best Valentine's Day Tea

Aromatic Love: Best Valentine's Day Tea

Whoever said ‘Love is in the air’, was probably talking about the aroma of freshly brewing tea you make for your partner.

Black tea bubbling in light hints of lemon and mint or the smell of clove and cinnamon masala tea that soothes your senses just before the final boil. Ahh.. if tea is not the little love we crave, then what is?

Simplify love with the most romantic tea blends for Valentine's Day.

Teas for the Sweetest Valentine's Day

Comfy Cava Tea

S(l)ip in romance with a special cup of Cava Green Tea.

Infused with aromatic flavours of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper, and cardamom, every cup of our Cava Tea is a warm gesture of love and appreciation. So as the evening sets, pause all noise out and have an unwinding moment with your Valentine over a cup of tea.

Romantic Black Tea

What is better than flowers for the V-day? Brewing their favourite black tea with a romantic twist- A Rose.

Rose tea goes sweetly well with Premium Black Tea. Just boil some cleaned and fresh/ dried rose petals with water (5 min), strain the water and make your black tea with the rosewater. Enjoy this anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and feel-good blended rose tea with some sweet honey.

Let every cup of tea blush in the colour of love.

Lemon Grass Tea Melody

Dim out the lights, get your candles out and bond over your loving memories with a cup of Lemon Grass Tea. Packed in exotic flavours, our Lemon Green Tea is a promise to keep love fresh and special.

Here is a little secret just between us- add some jasmine flowers to the brewing water before dipping in Jivraj9’s Lemon Grass Instant Tea Premix to make your Valentine’s Day evening more special.

Masala Tea Smitten

Who says there is no romance in everyday things? Our Masala premium tea is the simplest and purest way to say I love you.

Sip into the nostalgia of your life together in the balanced mix of ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom and of course care. Because sometimes the most romantic thing simply is your shared everyday life.

Want to do more? Add some vanilla essence for that rich and sweet taste. Or Kesar for a classic delight.

So what is the most romantic tea? Rose tea, Cava, Cinnamon tea, Jasmine Black tea, and Masala chai, each have their charm, but the most romantic tea is the one made with love, care and mindfulness.

That is why we put our hearts in our teas. Carefully harvested and handpicked at tea farms in Assam, Jivraj 9 Tea is the perfect way to express love this Valentine’s Day. Happy Brewing.

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