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Tea Recipes: How is Tea Used in Cooking

Tea Recipes: How is Tea Used in Cooking

We got some tea!

Tea is no longer just for sipping, so next time you are about to shop for tea, whether an instant tea premix or a classic masala chai, think beyond just a warm brew, think about eating it.

From cookies to rice, smoothies to ice cream, let’s explore how tea can be used in cooking. So, grab your teapot (or pans) and let’s get cooking!

Buttery Affair 

Tea-infused butter? Yes, please!

Herb butter is a trendy and flavourful treat on our breakfast table. But did you know that butter has an ancient link with tea?

If you are feeling more experimental place a tea bag in a melted butter pan, letting the tea aroma and flavours infuse with the butter. The light punch of buttery ginger to your dishes or the aromatic deliciousness of cardamom in your butter.

Cookie Flavours

Who doesn’t love to have some good cookies or biscuits with tea? But what if we say, you can make cookies with tea?

Imagine biting into a cookie with sweet-spicy notes of Cardamom tea or black tea. Add a hint of crushed tea leaves to the cookie dough and bake some tea. Instant tea premix flavours like lemon grass can add a refreshing hint to your tea time.

Matcha shortbread or cookies are also a showstopper. These vibrant green goodies are not only Instagram-worthy but packed with a punch of antioxidants.

Tea Broth

Want that robust and malty flavour in your rice dishes or pasta? Healthy tea water can be great broth for a variety of dishes. For soups and broths, a tea-infused base can add depth and complexity. 

Green tea broth is commonly used for soups, noodles, rice and quinoa.

The steps are simple, shop tea, boil and prepare it, let it set and cool down at room temperature and enjoy it as a broth.

Dearest Desserts

From ice cream to smoothies and from there to cakes, you can add healthy tea to your favourite dessert.

Brew some tea, let it cool, and blend it into your smoothie for an extra layer of flavour and health benefits. Cava and green instant tea premix are some good choices. If you have a sweet tooth, tea cakes are just the right treat.

A matcha sponge cake or a spongey warm cinnamon healthy tea cake will taste as dreamy as it sounds. Simply infuse your milk or cream with tea and add it to your cake batter. The result is a moist, flavorful cake that will have everyone asking for seconds.

Finally, to end your day, you can have ice cream tea. With its creamy texture and fragrant flavour instant tea premix for iced tea can be a great place to start.

From peach punch to the zing of lemon, ice (tea) cream can help you stay cool and refreshed.

Tea is not just for your cup anymore; it’s an ingredient that can change everyday dishes into delicious and flavourful experiences. So, whether you’re baking, blending, or boiling, let tea be your secret ingredient.

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